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 Troubleshooting Tips

My Screen is blue and says "No Signal". How can I make my computer screen project on the screen?

Check to make sure that all cables are securely fastened to the computer. Make sure your computer is turned on. If you computer goes to sleep there will be no image on the board. Unplug and reconnect all cables. 
Press the computer input on the projector remote to search for the signal from the computer.



My pens are not responding on the board.

If your ActivInspire is running on your computer and you can see it on the board but your pens are not responding on the board. Unplug the USB cable on the side of your computer that connects to your board and reconnect. You do not have to turn anything off to do this. Wait 30 seconds or so and then plug it back in to your computer. In most cases this will solve your problem.

Note: You have two USB cables plugged in on your computer that look similar. One is for the board and one for the document camera. If you can't tell which is which unplug them both.

    If the flame is white, your ActivBoard is operating correctly and can be calibrated.

    If the flame is red, the ActivBoard is not communicating with your computer.

Check the ActivManager icon located on the system menu bar near the clock on the computer’s display

If the ActivManager icon looks like, the computer is recognizing that the ActivBoard is connected.

If the ActivManager icon looks like, the computer is not recognizing that the ActivBoard is connected.


My board has smudges on it. How can I clean it?

Your Promethean Board does not need to be cleaned weekly. But when it does get smudges on it, wipe it down with a damp cloth. It is very important to use only non-abrasive whiteboard cleaning products to clean your Activboard. The most common dry erase board cleaners are acceptable as well as Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean accidental permanent marker smudges. To erase a dry eraser smudge, try marking over it with a dry erase marker. Then, wipe it clean using Expo cleaner. Pledge household cleaner can be used on the board to smooth scratches and prevent the pen from screeching when writing on the board. All liquid cleaners should be sprayed on a cloth, not directly on the board.

 My ActivPen is not aligned to the cursor on the board.

The ActivBoard needs to be calibrated in order to ensure that the tip of the ActivPen aligns with the cursor on the screen. The board will need to be calibrated each time your projector is moved or set up. You can calibrate the board in one of two ways:


(At the Board)

Method 1.

Hover the ActivPen over the Calibration light in the top-left corner of the ActivBoard for a few seconds.


Follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2.

1.    At the board right-click on the ActivManager icon in the top right-hand corner of the display. (If your pens are not responding this can be done from your computer using the computer mouse. If you use this method once the calibration program starts, move to the board and follow those instructions.)


2.    Select Calibrate.

Make sure you use the ActivPen to click in the center or each calibration cross. After calibrating, check that the tip of your ActivPen lines up with the cursor on the ActivBoard. If it does not, try calibrating the board again.        


 How do I make sure I have the latest version of the software?

To make sure you have the latest software click on the help menu and then click on check for updates. The software will tell you if there is an update available. If there is an update, click OK to update your software. The update will be downloaded to the download folder. Ones the file is downloaded double click to start the install.



Follow the on-screen instructions. If you are asked for a password just click OK with no password entered.

Why is my projector shutting down?
The projector may be shutting down because it is overheating.
1. Are the air filters dirty? The Projectors have one filter that protects the LCD screen from dust. Dusty buildings or simply stirring up dust can clog filters fast. Clean filters.
2. Is the projector under or near an AC or Heating vent? Many projectors are installed in the summer when the AC is on. When it gets cold and the heat kicks on, it can shoot hot air at the projector causing it to overheat. Try blocking the heat/air vent.


Why is the sound coming from the computer speakers and not the board?

Make sure necessary cables are properly plugged in, and adjust audio settings: 

Sound is fed through USB cable. To adjust the volume; adjust the knob on the dark grey section on the left side of the board—NOT on the white box. Leave the volume on the white box all the way down. Make sure the “Power” button under the volume knob is pushed in and green in color. If the power goes out, this may turn red. Simply press it until it turns green again.

Check laptop’s Audio settings by: 
Go to System Preferences, Sound, Output, Under Select a Devices for sound output:, Select the Promethean USB option, Adjust Volume, make sure mute is not selected. 

See images below: 


Backup your files

It is important to back up all your files and documents on a regular basis. Hardware and software DOES FAIL and can destroy documents. It is very difficult to recover files and your best insurance is to make a backup of all your files on a regular basis. (At least once a week, or more if you are working on a document that you would not want to lose.

Back up to a USB Storage Device

  1. Insert the device into your USB port on the side of your computer.
  2. An icon will appear on your desktop for the device.
  3. Drag and Drop files into the icon.
  4. When you are done, drag the icon into the Trash
  5. The Trash icon will change into an Eject icon.
  6. Remove the device from your computer and store it in a safe place!