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The Corinth School District central office staff is here to serve you. We welcome your questions and concerns. If there is any need that you have or if you have a question about school district operations or services, picplease call 662-287-2425 or e-mail the person who can best serve your need. We appreciate the opportunity to serve the students and community of the Corinth School District, and we are looking forward to a great school year!


Dr. Edward Lee Childress 662-287-2425
Superintendent Email Dr. Edward Childress
Mr. Brent Avent 662-286-6303
Maintenance Director Email Mr. Brent  Avent
Mr. Chris Butler 662-286-5245
Director of Counseling/PBIS Email Mr. Chris Butler
Mrs. Hollie Butler 662-287-2425
Referral & Placement Coordinator/ELL Coordinator Email Mrs. Hollie  Butler
Ms. Taylor Coombs 662-287-2425
IAL Data Manager/Marketing Email Ms. Taylor Coombs
Mrs. Shellie Duncan 662-287-2425
Accountant Email Mrs. Shellie Duncan
Mrs. Patsy Emmons 662-287-2425
Receptionist\Secretary Email Mrs. Patsy Emmons
Mrs. Ginger Green 662-287-2425
Payroll Clerk Email Mrs. Ginger Green
Mrs. Allison Hall 662-287-2425
PreK Master Teacher Email Mrs. Allison Hall
Ms. Marion Jones 662-287-2425
Math Coordinator/Professional Development Director Email Ms. Marion Jones
Mrs. Myra McCarley 662-287-2425
Administrative Assistant Email Mrs. Myra McCarley
Mrs. Jean McFarland 662-287-2425
Federal Programs Director Email Mrs. Jean  McFarland
Mrs. Tanya Nelson 662-287-2425
Director of Early Childhood Education & Literacy Email Mrs. Tanya Nelson
Mrs. Casey Palmer 662-287-2425
Finance Director Email Mrs. Casey Palmer
Mr. Nathaniel Rodgers 662-287-2811
Transportation Director Email Mr. Nathaniel Rodgers
Mrs. Yvonne Shumpert-Fair 662-287-2425
Family Literacy Outreach Coordinator Email Mrs. Yvonne  Shumpert-Fair
Mr. Bobby Strickland 662-287-2425
Technology Director Email Mr. Bobby Strickland
Mrs. Irene Strickland 662-287-2425
Accountant Email Mrs. Irene  Strickland
Mrs. Kristie Studdard 662-287-2425
Food Service Director Email Mrs. Kristie Studdard
Mr. Jay Walker 662-287-2425
Science Coordinator/Alternative Education Program Coordinator Email Mr. Jay Walker
Mrs. Christy Welch 662-287-2425
Director of Special Services Email Mrs. Christy Welch
Mrs. Misty Whittemore 662-287-2425
Asst. Finance Director Email Mrs. Misty Whittemore
Mrs. Bonnie Wright 662-287-2425
Project Secretary Email Mrs. Bonnie Wright